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Another possible way that The GCCM can serve is through  Construction Management. As a fee-based service, The GCCM works on behalf of the owner and in the owner’s interest for every stage of the building process. We can advise the owner on matters involving budget decisions, choice of Contractors and Subcontractors, interaction with  Architects, and scheduling.

As your Construction Manager we can facilitate:

  • Design Support
  • Resource and Logistics Planning
  • Scope Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Administration
  • Supervision
  • Quality Control Management

We break this down into five phases:

Phase I – Feasibility Study:

  • Review the entire process of activities with the Client
  • Develop a concept layout.
  • Assist the Client in obtaining a Civil Engineer.
  • Assist the Client in obtaining an Architect.
  • Work with Architect to develop a feasibility study to include:

– Zoning and Utility Study.                            – Concept budgeting of all project               costs.                      

        –  Develop a critical path schedule indicating a construction tactical  plan with a timeline for permitting.                      

– Meet with the Client regularly to review project progress.

Phase II – Engineering and Permit Activities:

  • Prepare the complete scope of work for the project.
  • Assist Architect in developing building plans.
  • Assist the Client in obtaining a Surveyor to do the required survey work.
  • Chair scope meeting with permit team to review permit tactical plan.
  • Assist and review all construction documents and incorporate value engineering opportunities.
  • Attend zoning and planning hearings as necessary.
  • Assist in acquiring all necessary approvals and permits.
  • Revised concept budget as needed.
  • Meet with the Client regularly to review project progress.

Phase III – Pre-Construction Activities:

  • Assist in compiling documents needed in the loan process,  including but not limited to the schedule of values, complete cost  budget, construction schedule, and drawer schedule.
  • Prepare owner-furnished equipment lists and bid out to suppliers.
  • Analyze all construction documents and specifications for  completeness. Eliminate any holes or grey areas which may produce change  orders.
  • Prepare bid strategy and select Subcontractors for each individual trade to participate in the bid process.
  • Prepare all bid documents, and send them to all companies participating in the bid process
  • Hold a pre-bid conference with all participating subcontracting companies to review the scope of work and answer questions.
  • Review all incoming bids from subcontracting companies for  completeness and discrepancies. Create a bid summary to review with the  Client.
  • Select and contract with successful bidders for each trade.
  • Prepare critical path construction schedule and final cost estimate and review with Client for final approval

Phase IV – Construction Activities:

  • Hold pre-construction meetings with all Subcontractors and local Inspectors
  • Conduct weekly job progress meeting with the Client to review the  project budget and critical path schedule, and review all open and  unresolved items
  • Prepare daily reports and keep daily digital picture log of site activities.
  • Review and evaluate all change orders and review with the owner for approval.

Phase V – Post-Construction Activities:

  • Hold punch list meetings and manage all resolutions of punch list items to completion.
  • Produce a final close of the package for the owner with all  warranties, and pertinent information needed to record all construction  activities.

The  benefits to Construction Management are that the client has more  control over the construction process and all costs are open.

Most importantly choosing the Construction Management method usually  comes with cost savings compared to the traditional General Contracting  method.

Contact us at the GCCM to learn more about how we can serve you as your Construction Manager.