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Storefront System VA

There are a number of areas that call for special focus and attention when designing an effective storefront system, and it is crucial to get this aspect right when building a retail space because it is much more difficult to get right after construction has been completed.


One secret of an effective storefront system is ensuring that your merchandise is able to shine in your sales area. Lighting plays a crucial yet oft-ignored part of the retail experience. Ambient lighting is ideal for use as general lighting throughout the store as it provides not only illumination but also the right mood-setter.

The general rule of retail is that bigger stores with a greater number of products will have more intense lighting requirements. Large retailers tend to be more brightly lit, with smaller outlets using softer lighting to enhance mood.

Eye level

Having just one focal point at eye level is a more effective secret to drawing people in than trying to give everything equal attention.

Power wall

One great storefront system secret is the power wall, which can help to catch the attention of customers from the very moment they enter the store. A power wall is a marquee that displays the store’s feature inventory, such as top-selling must-have items or the latest additions to their product lines.

Window displays

Window displays serve to showcase new and popular items to passers-by and can help bring customers into the store.

To enhance your brand, you need to focus on specific areas when designing your storefront system. It’s crucial to get this aspect right during construction because it’s harder to fix later. Lighting is key, as it sets the mood and highlights your merchandise. Bigger stores with more products require intense lighting, while smaller outlets benefit from softer lighting. Another important factor is eye level; having one focal point at eye level is more effective than trying to give everything equal attention. A power wall can catch customers’ attention as soon as they enter the store by showcasing feature inventory. Window displays also play a significant role in attracting customers. These are just a few secrets to creating an effective storefront system. For more information, contact us at (571) 642-5526, GCCM Corp.