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Glass railings are safe when constructed with tempered glass, laminated glass, or a combination of both, ensuring strength and durability.
No, glass railings can be made easy to clean with products like EZ Clean, a coating that facilitates effortless maintenance.
Glass railings are durable and can withstand high pressures, with tempered glass having a strength of approximately 10,000 PSI, making them highly resistant to breakage.
Glass railing costs can vary, but on average, they can range from around $450 per square foot.
Tormax Bipart automatic door systems are a reliable and widely used option for efficient and convenient access control.
For a frameless glass shower door, you can choose between sliding or hinged door styles, depending on your preference and space requirements.
A frameless glass shower is a shower enclosure made of glass panels without the use of metal frames, providing a sleek and seamless look to the bathroom.
Storefront doors are typically replaced every 20 years, although the frequency may vary based on factors such as wear, damage, and maintenance.
Yes, we supply custom-size doors to fit your existing opening.
Bi-fold doors are an innovative door system that opens fully by folding the panels together, offering a wide opening compared to traditional sliding doors.